Roasted Butternut Squash & Chilli Soup

This soup for me is Autumn in a bowl.  I feel like it gives you a hug from the inside out, perfect when it is a grey, cold, rainy day.

When I lived abroad, I missed the changing of the Seasons so much.  I love seeing the changing of the colours and getting wrapped up to go for walks in Autumn.  And if I’m totally honest, with it being Autumn, I get to treat myself to a new pair of boots!! Which girl doesn’t love a new pair of boots or shoes?

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Harissa Spiced Tomato, Chickpea and Spinach Soup

Hi!  You probably thought I had abandoned my blog as it’s been so long since I posted anything, but fear not, I was just having a break!  My Dad came over for a flying visit and I was busy catching up with him and I also imported my dog from Qatar where I used to live.  Everything was going well until my dog, Lucy, got held in transit due to a slight hiccup with the paperwork!  The poor people in cargo had to deal with me crying my eyes out as they  tried to reassure me that she was fine.  Needless to say she arrived a couple of days later and not at all bothered about her ‘adventure’.   She’s quite a resilient girl, we rescued her from a junk yard where she’d been chained up and pecked by hens most of her short life until we came along.


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Pea and Mint Soup

I must admit I do enjoy a good bowl of soup. This one is simple yet tasty. I tend to make a batch of this up and freeze individual portions so I’ve always got some on hand when I need a quick meal. This soup is also delicious cold, particularly at the moment with the hot weather we’re having.

Pea and Mint soup 1


-1 tbsp. olive oil or rapeseed oil

-1 red onion, roughly chopped

-600g frozen peas

-a generous handful of mint leaves

-700ml vegetable stock, either homemade or from a cube

-salt & pepper to taste

How to Make

In a large saucepan heat the oil and add the chopped onion.  Saute until the onion is soft.

Add the peas and stock.  Cover saucepan with a lid, bring to the boil then turn down to simmer for 10 minutes.

Add the mint leaves and simmer for a further 5 minutes.

Blend until smooth – if you prefer really smooth soup, pass through a sieve.

Season with salt and pepper to taste – you may not need to add any salt as some stock cubes and shop bought stocks can be quite salty, best to check the soup first before adding any.

Pea and Mint soup 2

Enjoy! 🙂