Banana & Choc Chip Oat Biscuits (Gluten Free & Dairy Free)

I am not really a baking kind of girl.  I’d love to be able to whip up lovely cakes and biscuits but baking is such a science and I tend to lose patience and just want to add extra or change ingredients and the outcome isn’t always edible! Since becoming dairy and gluten intolerant baking is even more of a challenge.

That being said the past week I really wanted some biscuits but wasn’t prepared to buy any from the shop for 2 reasons, most gluten free biscuits are so dry you need to wash them down with a gallon of water and secondly if you read the ingredients list for some biscuits, it’s like reading Latin, I have no clue what most of the ingredients are!

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Crispy Kale

When I first heard about kale crisps I immediately ruled them out thinking they just weren’t for me.  Then for months every time I clicked on a foodie website or blog or opened a magazine someone was mentioning kale crisps so I thought they must be good if so many people are talking about them.  Eventually I gave in and tried to make my own batch and then kicked myself as to why I hadn’t made them sooner.  They are delicious!  Perfect snacking food and super healthy too!


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Roasted Butternut Squash & Chilli Soup

This soup for me is Autumn in a bowl.  I feel like it gives you a hug from the inside out, perfect when it is a grey, cold, rainy day.

When I lived abroad, I missed the changing of the Seasons so much.  I love seeing the changing of the colours and getting wrapped up to go for walks in Autumn.  And if I’m totally honest, with it being Autumn, I get to treat myself to a new pair of boots!! Which girl doesn’t love a new pair of boots or shoes?

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