Udi’s Gluten Free Product Review

The lovely people at Udi’s U.K. contacted me to see if I would be interested in testing some of their new products which have recently hit the shops in the U.K.  Naturally I jumped at the chance, having already tried Udi’s products when I was in the U.S.A. visiting my sister, I knew that they had some great products.

I was sent four new mixes to try;

‘Easy & Delicious’ Bread Mix

‘Delicious & Fluffy’ Cake Mix

‘Rich & Delicious’ Cake Mix Chocolate Flavour

‘Thin & Crispy’ Pizza Base Mix, Italian style

Udi's products

Unfortunately I couldn’t try the bread mix as it contains milk powder, however, I’ve given this to a family member to try and I am waiting for them to report back to me what they thought…so stay tuned for an update!

The cake mixes were both very easy to use.  For the chocolate cake mix I made cupcakes and added fresh raspberries to them as I love the combination of chocolate and berries.  The cupcakes weren’t overly sweet which can sometimes happen with packet cake mixes.  I had to bake my cupcakes for slightly longer than the time recommended on the box but I think this was due to the addition of the raspberries.

Udi's muffins

The sponge cake mix was lovely and fluffy once baked.  I added some freeze-dried berries to my cake and it still stayed lovely and light.

Udi's sponge mix  Udi's sponge2

I think both of these cake mixes are ideal for someone who needs to whip up a gluten free cake but is intimidated by some of the gluten free cake recipes out there which can contain numerous different flours.  These are also handy to keep in the cupboard to make a cake speedily for any guests who suddenly turn up!

My favourite product I tested was the pizza base mix.  I’m sure many gluten free people will agree with me that some gluten free pizza bases are just terrible, some of them are just like cardboard!  Well not this one, it is lovely and crispy when baked and had the texture of a ‘proper’ pizza base.

It was easy to make, the only thing I was slightly confused about was if I had to pre-bake the base before adding my toppings and baking again like some products I’ve used in the past.

On my first attempt I put the base in the oven first before adding the topping but soon realised that I didn’t need to do that!  Therefore on my second attempt I rolled out the base, popped on the sauce and toppings, baked it and was rewarded with a wonderful pizza!  I had to resist temptation and leave some for later!

I managed to make 4 pizzas out of the mix and the dough kept well in the fridge in some oiled clingfilm.

I will definitely be using this pizza base mix again and would highly recommend it.

Udi's pizza2  Udi's pizza

*Whilst I was given these products for free to try, all the opinions and views are my own and no money was received for this blog post*




Good Morning Green Juice

Good morning green juice

I am totally loving this juice right now.  I’m making loads of it and storing it in the fridge, it keeps well for a couple of days due to the addition of the lemon.  I’ve called it good morning green juice as the combination of the lemon and ginger give it a certain ‘zing’ ideal for waking up your taste buds first thing in the morning.  However, I drink this juice anytime of the day!

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