Sweet Potato & Ginger Soup

I’ve been having my kitchen decorated so I have been unable to get my cooking on, hence the delay in posting a recipe.  At last the decorating is finished and after a couple of days of cleaning up – everything was covered in very fine dust and it gets everywhere, inside of cupboards and the oven! – I was able to get back to cooking and happiness has been restored!

Sweet pot and ginger soup2

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Lentil, Vegetable & Cashew Nut Loaf

I had been craving a nut roast for ages.  I have no idea why as I can’t recall ever eating one.  After trawling my cookbooks and the internet, I found this recipe.  In my typical style, I have Beccy-fied it and created my own loaf.

This loaf is delicious hot or cold and handy for slicing up and freezing into portions.  It’s a great way to use up vegetables and a sneaky way of getting vegetable dodgers to have different types if vegetables in a meal!

Lentil loaf

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