Minty Pea & Broad Bean Dip

Some of the readers of Four Candles Kitchen may be aware that I love hummus.  I have it every day as a snack or with a meal or just spooned right out of the blender and straight into my mouth!  Lately though I’ve been wanting a dip/spread that isn’t hummus and concocted this recipe.

This actually reminds me when we used to go for Sunday lunch to my Gran’s house.  She used to have mint growing in her garden and would put  in with the new potatoes and through the peas too….it makes the dip fresh and Summery in my opinion.

Minty Pea & Broad Bean Dip2

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Pesto Turkey Burgers

It’s Summer which means its barbecue time!  And you can’t beat a good burger on a barbecue.

Unfortunately for me I don’t have a barbecue but these turkey burgers are super tasty oven baked – although I’m pretty sure they’d taste awesome done over some hot coals, so if anyone wants to pop over with their barbecue it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Pesto Turkey Burger

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Quick & Easy “Ice Cream” (Dairy Free)

When I  could eat dairy, I didn’t particularly like ice cream.  For as long as I can remember I never have.  People couldn’t understand how I could pass up on a scoop of mint-choc chip or creamy vanilla but I just didn’t enjoy it.  It was either too creamy – I never liked cream either, far too sweet or some ice creams would leave a strange after taste in my mouth, probably from weird ingredients!

Mango Ice cream

So now you’re probably wondering why on earth have I created a recipe for ice cream!  Well, this technically isn’t ice cream, it’s blended frozen fruit, yet it looks like and has the consistency of ice cream.  Luckily for me it tastes loads better than all the ice cream I’ve tried in the past.

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Cinnamon Apple Crisps (Gluten Free)

I had an abundance of apples which needed using up (I hate wasting food) and wanted to do something other than stewing them, I thought about making crisps with them and after a few attempts (thank goodness I had lots) this is the recipe I ended up with.

Cinnamon apple crisps

These are great as a snack or crumbled over yoghurt and berries.  Be warned though, if you’re like me, once you start eating them it’s hard to stop.

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