Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark

This is such an easy recipe to do and perfect if you need to do any last-minute gifts for Christmas, after all who doesn’t love a gift of chocolate?!

There are a number ways you can flavour the bark from dried fruit, nuts, candy canes, stem ginger, marshmallows etc.  The choice is entirely up to you.  The trick to a good chocolate bark is to use really good quality dairy free dark chocolate.  If you can tolerate dairy then you can use milk chocolate to replace the dark chocolate.

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Root Vegetable Crisps

Root veg crisps

What should have been an easy recipe to try turned out to be the most challenging for me!  Either the oven was too hot or the root vegetables were too thick or too thin.  After many practice runs I finally nailed the recipe and to be honest it was worth all the trying.

You can use any root vegetables you have to hand.  I’ve tried carrot, parsnip, beetroot, sweet potato and celeriac and they are all good.  In the recipe below I’ve listed carrot and parsnip but by using the timings and temperature given, any root vegetable will work.

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Harissa Prawns with Spinach & Pepper

When I started this blog I would never have thought that I would be posting a recipe for shellfish.  I have never made a single fish or shellfish dish, which may sound odd coming from someone who loves food and cooking.  I’ve tried on a number of occasions  different fish and shellfish but every time, it just didn’t taste right and some of it was too ‘fishy’ tasting for my liking.

Harissa Prawns2

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