Soy & Ginger Roast Radishes


I’ve become somewhat obsessed with radishes lately.  I used to always love them finely chopped through a salad to give a peppery kick but then I tried them in my noodle broth and I fell in love with them when cooked.

Raw radish is quite peppery but something happens when you cook them.  It is such a subtle flavour and not the peppery taste you would normally associate with them.

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Fragrant Sweet Potato & Red Pepper Soup

Sweet Potato &  Pepper soup

Well winter seems to have arrived.  Myself and the dog were slipping on the black ice this morning on our walk…not very elegantly!  I do love winter mornings where the sun is out, the skies are blue but the air is lovely and chilly; not so in love with the ice though!

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