Beetroot, Carrot & Ginger Juice

Beetroot & ginger juice

This past week I have been fighting a head cold and the amount of ginger I have been putting in this juice has been increasing daily due to lack of sense of taste! Luckily I had tested this recipe a while back so I know how much ginger works but feel free to add more or less to your taste.

I cannot believe this is the last week of November, this year seems to have flown by and it’s just over 4 weeks until  Christmas.  I love Christmas but to be honest I’m already getting a bit tired of the adverts on television.  I think they air them too early each year and the shops start displaying their Christmas merchandise too early also.  Or maybe I’m just getting old?!  I do love Christmas though and all that goes with it.

This recipe is really quick (like all juice recipes) but the colour is amazing.  The photographs don’t do it justice as it’s such a beautiful colour.  I really enjoy coming up with different juice recipes and seeing which flavours work well together, the only downside to juicing is the cleaning of the machine!  But that’s not enough to put me off juicing 🙂

Beetroot & ginger juice1

Serves 1


-1 medium beetroot, peeled

-2 large carrots, scrubbed and tops chopped off

-1 apple

-1 thumb size piece of ginger, peeled

How To Make

Place all the ingredients in the juicer and juice.

Serve immediately.

Enjoy 🙂



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