Carrot, Orange & Ginger Juice

carrot, orange & ginger juice

Okay, so this wasn’t going to be my post this week but since I had somewhat of a kitchen disaster this weekend recipe testing I had to use a reliable, trusty recipe and first on my list was this juice!

I love fresh juices, my juicer is used daily and I love coming up with different flavour combinations.  If I’m making a smoothie I sometimes use a fresh juice as the liquid in my smoothie rather than water or milk.  A fresh juice is also ideal to make the night before, store it in the fridge and take it with you if you have an early start.  Just add a slice of lemon or lime when juicing to keep help keep it from browning.

This juice reminds me of the drink my Granny used to make for myself and my sister when we used to visit her.  It was a powder that you added water to, I think it was called ‘Creamola Foam’ but could be wrong…I’m sure my sister will soon correct me!  Obviously this juice is much healthier and all natural rather than a powder than contained goodness knows what!

carrot, orange, ginger juice


-3 oranges, peeled but leave the pith on

-2 large or 3 small carrots, peeled if not organic, if organic just give a good scrub

-a thumb size piece of ginger

How To Make

Once all your ingredients are prepped, feed everything through the juicer.

Serve over ice.

Enjoy 🙂


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