Creamy Honey & Mustard Dressing



Whoever came up the idea of combining honey and mustard together knows what they were doing, for me, it’s such a winning combination.  I used to love having cheese sticks (when I could eat dairy) dipped in a honey mustard dressing, however, looking back now it was such an unhealthy snack to eat – deep-fried cheese and a thick dressing!

I decided to come up with a healthier dressing and this turned out great first attempt and now is a staple in my fridge most weeks.  I use a dairy free coconut yoghurt which is quite thick so if you can tolerate dairy then natural yoghurt or Greek yoghurt would work well.

Needless to say this dressing will liven up any salad but I’ve stirred it through quinoa and lentils, used as a dressing for a pasta salad and as a dip with sweet potato wedges, pretty much anything goes well with it.

I use 3 teaspoons of mustard as I love mustard but start with two to begin with as you can always add more later.



-1/2 cup dairy free yoghurt

-2-3 tsp. Dijon mustard

-3Tbsp honey

-Pinch of salt

How To Make

Place all ingredients in a mason jar, secure the lid tightly and shake well until fully combined.

Stores well in the refrigerator for up to a week.


Enjoy 🙂


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